Magnolia Mint Dish Soap
Magnolia Mint Dish Soap

Magnolia Mint Dish Soap

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Refreshingly clean and uplifting blend. 

The rich and soothing floral notes of orange blossom beautifully harmonize with the distinctively clean smell of lemon. The floral and citrus notes have been rounded out with fresh herbs and crisp mint leaves to create a fresh and heady scent.

Experience the difference high quality, responsibly natural, and meticulously hand crafted products can make.Your dishes will be squeaky clean leaving behind the subtle and luxurious scent of garden mint and orange blossom.
Suitable for all skin types. 

cruelty-free, vegan, sufates, paraben and phthalate free 

Dish Soap Ingredients: water, olive oil soap, glycerin, naturally derived surfactant, washing soda, coconut oil soap, avocado oil soap, castor oil soap, sodium citrate, clean label fragrance.

*hand-crafted in Fairfield, Connecticut

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