Spring Refresh

What better way to celebrate the first day of Spring than a home refresh? Here are a few tips from our designers to help you ring in the new season. With the warm weather approaching, we are so eager to bring some Spring trends into your home. Subtle changes can make all the difference when transitioning from winter to spring.

1: Natural Elements

Our first tip is to incorporate natural elements into your home. Out with dark accents and in with the wicker. A woven pattern will add a softer, lighter feel to any room. Integrating wicker into a space is a neutral way to add texture and visual interest to any space and decor scheme. Pairing wicker with flowers is also a great way to add a fresh pop of color and brighten your home for the season. Whether it’s a subtle wicker vase, or a new patio chair, your home is bound to feel more like spring. Check out these wicker jars, frames, and vases from our website.

Iraca Palm Placemats

And don’t miss this rattan wine rack. This piece is the perfect combination of practical and pretty. Adding rattan or wicker will instantly make your home feel more bright and airy, the way spring should feel.

Another way to add some natural elements is by including a basket next to your couch. These wicker baskets are a beautiful way to store blankets. And by the way, the color of your throws can totally change the vibe of a room. Switching your blankets from plaid or rich patterns to light colors can bring in all the spring feels. 

2: Touches of Novelty

The next tip to refresh your home for spring is to add some touches of novelty. Whether you switch out a piece on your bookshelf or add a new centerpiece, a touch of novelty can make all the difference. A great example is this adorable set of lamb sculptures. Perfect for Easter and the whole season. Small final touches like these are a simple and affordable way to update your home with the seasons.

3: The Porch

Here in Connecticut, the weather has definitely been teasing us. One day it’s 30, the next it’s 65. But regardless, we are READY to start incorporating all the spring colors and flowers. It’s time to swap out the Christmas wreath for a floral one. This is a great way to make the outside of your home feel as much like Spring as the inside does. We already mentioned adding some wicker furniture to your outdoor space, but a subtle change like hanging flowers on the door will totally refresh the space. Check out this gorgeous floral wreath!

And of course, it never hurts to add some pink and purple flowers to your vases for spring. Switching out pure white flowers for colorful ones can absolutely bring spring vibes into your house. And with those new flowers, you might just want a new vase. Here’s a spring themed vase with flower decals that would be perfect for your new colorful bouquet.

We hope these tips will help you refresh your home for spring. Bottom line: it's officially time to bring the outdoors inside. There are so many ways you can make your home feel more like spring and less like winter. Natural elements, touches of novelty, and adding colorful flowers are just a few examples. Contact us for any further help with finishing your space.

Happy Spring!