How to make a room cozy: Ways to warm up your space

Especially in these colder months, it’s so important that your home feels cozy. Whether you’re coming home after a long day at work, or you’re inviting guests over for dinner, there’s nothing better than stepping into a space that feels warm and welcoming. 

The good news? Learning how to make a room feel cozy is something that anyone can do. All it takes is a well-selected blend of texture, color, and tactile details. 

Here are some designer-approved tips to help you create a cozy room year round. 

How to make a room cozy

Add inviting accents

For starters, nothing creates a cozy space quite like a chunky, knit throw pillow and blanket – they almost invite you to curl up on the sofa.

Visually, mixing and matching patterns and textures on a sofa or bed can add warmth and coziness to the room. We have been loving these big, textured throw pillows: 

Aditi 20" orange throw pillow

Aditi 20" beige throw pillow 

Adding a blanket, like the one below, can create so much warmth.  The perfect touch to a neutral space.

Recycled wool blanket


Incorporate greenery

We love adding different types of plants and greenery to bring life and a sense of calm into a space. Check out this dining room, designed by our founder Stephanie Purzycki. You can see how the different types of plants make the table feel homey…but not overwhelming. (and by the way - we are obsessed with the way the contrasting ceiling color warms up the space). 

Choose a signature scent

Our next tip might seem simple, but it can make all the difference! Consider adding a scent to your space. A candle or diffuser can completely change the feel of your room. 

According to Air Scent, a smell is not just a smell. Did you know scents can actually affect your emotional well being? Scents are connected to our memory. So finding a scent with a happy, nostalgic memory attached, or one that reminds you of a cozy log cabin can totally change the vibe of your room. 

Check out these amazing soy candles from our shop to add a little warmth, and a great smell. Diffusers and candles not only make your home smell amazing, they can also be used as an aesthetic accessory. This Amber Noir candle with the wooden lid is the perfect accent to a bedside table.

Pay attention to textiles like rugs and window treatments

Textiles and soft goods like rugs and window treatments not only tie a space together, but they add visual and tactile softness to a space, which creates a cozy ambience. 

Whether it’s a small accent rug or one covering an entire space, nothing says “cozy” like a soft, fluffy rug. 

The Finish co-founder Stephanie Purzycki curated this cozy space using different textured pillows, a warm, wooden accent chair, and a simple rug that pulls the entire room together. 

Add warm colors

Our final tip that’ll help you make a room cozy is to add warm colors! Sure, this might sound obvious, but you can do this in a creative way. 

Shop our cozy home section online to see how warm colors like red and orange can be combined to create the perfect color combination for a comfortable space. Like we’ve mentioned, another way to add some warmth is wooden accents. Check out these baskets that could be used in a number of ways (list some ways to use them). 

Even if warm colors are not your favorite, you can find a way to incorporate them subtly. This mustard-yellow couch with the tinted glass side table is a great example of including warm colors in a predominantly neutral space. And notice the greenery used as accents! 

There are SO many ways you can learn how to make a room feel cozy.