Spring 2021 Color Palettes

Photo by Tulip & Sage

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner! The crisp Spring air brings with it the desire to start fresh and keep a clean home. One of our favorite ways to reset for the season is incorporating new, on-trend colors. There's lots of ways to do this, whether you're looking to start small with throw blankets and accent pillows, or go big with wallpaper and kitchen cabinets. Check out some of this season's Pantone color palettes below to get your home Spring-ready in no time!

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Bring Spring's spirit into your home with this beautiful, nature-inspired palette. Cool pinks and warm reds combine effortlessly with lush green and white shades to create the natural escape you've been searching for.


Spring with a punch! These bold hues take the season's natural elements and make them luxe, ideal for a glamorous getaway moment. The vivid contrast these shades provide will add interest to any space.


Finally create the calming oasis you deserve. Combine cool pinks and greens with a vibrant yellow, crisp aqua, and sweet lavender for this perfectly pastel palette. Add in a creamy white for extra freshness!


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