17 Gorgeous Coffee Table Toppers that are Kid-Friendly, Too

When you have small children, it's best to just assume that at some point, everything in your home will be investigated, climbed on, picked up, or played with. But just because your decor needs to be kid-friendly doesn't mean you have to forgo beautiful furniture and stylish details. One of our favorite ways to add personality and polish to a living room is with accent pieces on the coffee table. We've found 17 kid-friendly coffee table toppers that are not just chic, but unbreakable, too. 

Moss Rocks.

We love adding these moss-covered rocks to low bowls for an instant pop of earthy color. The best part? These "rocks" are actually made of styrofoam.

Wooden Bowls.

Organic wooden bowls are a big trend for 2020, and we love them because dents and scratches only add to their weathered charm.

Coffee Table Storage Books.

Actual coffee table books aren't breakable or dangerous, but if you have expensive ones, you run the risk that pages will be torn out or creased (or chewed on, etc).  These storage box books are hollow inside, so you get the look of books, without worrying about thir

Brass Objects.

Plastic Charger Plates.

Charger plates make an inexpensive

Resin Vases.

Unlike ceramic and glass, resin vases won't break if they're knocked off the table during a game of tag or pulled to the ground by curious hands.

Faux Florals.

Fill your resin vases with faux floral stems in lieu of real. That way, you don't need to fill the vase with water (which means less mess if it's knocked over).