Fairfield County Interior Designers Share Top Decorating Trends for 2020

Trends. We hate to call ourselves beholden to them, yet we find ourselves falling for them time and time again. Whether it was the chevrons of 2012, or the sputnik chandeliers of 2015, or the cool-gray paint colors of the entire last decade, we were there for it, because as much as we love timeless design, we also love the way trend pieces feel novel and fresh, and breathe life into spaces that feel tired or boring.

The thing about trends is that they inspire you to look at your world (in this case, your home) in a new way, for example, a pattern you never would have thought of last year is suddenly en vogue and now you're obsessed with it and you've got a new vision for your whole bedroom. Because they're often unexpected (but predictable, if you pay attention), and omnipresent, they come in with a bang and go out just as quickly. So, we say, embrace trends in little bits while they're here. Incorporate a new print on a throw pillow, or swap out your dining chairs for the "it" silhouette, or, heck, even paint your walls the latest color of the year (you can always re-paint later). But choose the trends that speak to your style, and use them in ways that don't define your entire home for an extended period of time (i.e. don't buy a burnt orange velvet sofa, unless it's your favorite color and you know you'll love it for years to come. Otherwise, go burnt orange throw pillows instead).

We polled some of our favorite local interior designers around Fairfield County, and here's what they had to say.

Bring on the Grandmillennials

"I'm all about the 'grandmillenial' style for 2020. Traditional design with a twist of granny chic. Think: chintz, ruffles, antiques, cornices, and wicker. I’m here for it all!" - Dana Ferraro, Molly Patton Design

Move on, Minimalism

"Moving away from the simple, clean and modern palette (most commonly declared "Scandinavian"), I see interior design trending towards a more purposeful collection of heirloom quality pieces. Seeking warmth and comfort in a space, but without the cluttered knick knack's of our past. Picture Grandma's living room, but without the fringe-trimmed curtains and porcelain figurines. Perhaps you pair light wood toned hard cases with traditional upholstery pieces and classic art with your favorite cozy throw. Seeking authenticity seems to be where we're heading as a generation, so why not open the doors to your home and truly live with what makes you happy?" -Amelia Jo Fogarty, Amelia Jo & Co.

A Little Rusty

"We all know that everyone is excited about Classic Blue being Pantone’s color of the year but I am predicting lots of rust colored accents in the future. It’s a perfect color to gently warm up a room whether it’s by adding throw pillows or reupholstering a favorite piece of furniture." - Ashley Sheping, designer, The Finish, and owner of Fort Interiors 

#Throwback Style

"I never thought I'd say this .. but I'm digging the 80s revival that's happening in design right now! Specifically the larger, chunkier, Memphis-inspired silhouettes moreso than the prints and colors. But the shapes, love it. I think it just feels really fresh after a decade of streamlined midcentury everything." - Kaitlin Madden Armon, co-founder, The Finish

Bold(er) Wallpaper

"In 2020 I predict an even greater resurgence in bold printed wallpaper. Think saturated colors, modern florals, geometrics, lots of interesting texture and hand painted abstract looks- much like an artists canvas but pasted onto your walls! This combined with classic elements- black and white tiled bathrooms, antique sideboards in dining rooms and marble topped entry tables will feel very luxe, collected and current." - Diane Rath, founder The Rath Project

Cocktail Hour

"Drink tables are now a thing, as they should be. They started as pure function; to rest a drink. Now, as 2020 comes to a start, we are seeing more and more sculptural designs that create a statement within a room or act as an art piece in itself. They can be used as base for styling. Add a flower arrangement paired with your favorite candle and you have a complete look." Ashley Sheping, designer, The Finish, and owner of Fort Interiors