Creating the Perfect Home Office

Despite this upcoming year looking a bit more promising than the last, most of us are still stuck in work-from-home mode for the foreseeable future. That coveted work-life balance has totally gone out the window - there is just no natural boundary between work and play anymore. That's why it's more important than ever to establish your own boundaries, and we think your workspace is the perfect place to start!

Keep in mind these seven aspects when creating your home office, and you'll absolutely love the results. Need a little more help pulling it together? Consider booking a consultation with one of our interior designers at The Finish for a stress-free, professional touch.


Image by Ursula Carmona, Homemade by Carmona

Get creative if you don't have a designated room in your home for an office. A closet, a nook, the top of your stairs, a sunroom can all be great places to set up a work desk. The most important things to consider are: privacy, natural light, and outlets!


Image by Claxy

When considering how to layout a workspace, designers at The Finish always keep in mind the "The Power Position." From your desk, you should be able to see anyone entering your office. You should have this view without placing yourself directly in front of the door, and thus interrupting the flow. The ideal position, according to this method, is at a diagonal at the back of the room and facing the door, so you can see the whole space.


Image by Circa Lighting

Good lighting is essential! Try to get as much natural light as possible from a window or skylight. Light temperature should be consistent across all lighting sources. Stick close to 3000K - we like Phillips Warm Glow Dimmable Bulbs best. To avoid glares, don't place overhead lighting directly above computer screens, and don't put a computer screen directly in front of a light source, as that can cause eyestrain. A high-quality task light will be essential for late nights and cloudy days! Have fun with ambient lighting. A large focal chandelier or decorative sconces adds visual interest and a warm glow. In general, a space feels more warm and welcoming with multiple sources of ambient lighting.


Image by Studio DIY

Color can impact your mood and energy levels (yes, color theory is a real thing, and it actually works!). Blue can be ideal for a bedroom, but it's a very relaxing color than can actually make you drowsy, so it's best to avoid it in a workspace. Green is a dominant color in nature and a neutral. It can add vitality to an office and improve concentration. Yellow, orange, and red are attention-grabbers and can make people happy or excited, but they can be overpowering in an office, so they should only be used as accent colors. Purple and lavender are known to stimulate imagination and improve focus.


Image by Pottery Barn Teen

Invest in a high-quality chair. Ergonomics are important if you are working at your desk for long periods at a time. Think beyond traditional office furniture - your office space should be a reflection of your home and personal style.


Image by The Container Store

Most of us are much more productive when everything is in its perfect place, so this is especially important in a workspace. Creating (and sticking to) a filing system is important, and it doesn't have to be hideous! There are tons of at-home office organization systems right now that are anything but standard. Identify what you need to keep organized, what types of pieces would best fit those needs, and then keep your personal style and overall space in mind when purchasing. Don't forget about wire management! Cords criss-crossing everywhere will drive you crazy, but there are many solutions to keeping all your tech gear streamlined.


Image by Ella Gregory, Coco's Tea Party

No matter what your line of work is, it's important to keep yourself inspired. Working long days in the office is one thing, but keeping up your motivation knowing your bed is just a few steps away can be challenging. Incorporate a vision board, fun wallpaper, or art gallery to stay inspired by your space!