8 must-haves for a cozy winter home refresh

Whether you’re based in a city that’s still largely in lockdown or otherwise, this year most of us have been staying at home more than ever before—and as the chilly months set up, ensuring your home is cozy and hygge-inducing is key to making it through to the spring. In fact, a warm and cheery spot to hibernate can be the difference between longing for summer and actually enjoying the chill in the air.

With autumn officially in full swing and winter on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to get started on transforming your home into an inviting space you’ll actually want to spend time in. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the seasonal must-haves that help you foster a cozy winter home refresh. From faux-fur and fluffy bedding to accent colors and candles, here’s exactly what you need to turn your space into a winter-friendly wonderland.

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Faux-fur everything

Image: Pottery Barn

Nothing says cozy like a touch of faux fur—whether it’s shaggy sheepskin, elegant mink, or something in between, the animal-friendly finish adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to any space—from the sitting room to the bedroom. We particularly like a faux fur throw tucked into the home office, which is the ideal intersection of practical (drape it over your shoulders when you’re chilly!) and chic.

Burnt orange accents

Image: West Elm

When you think of the seasons shifting what comes to your mind’s eye? For us, it’s always the unbeatable natural colorway of changing leaves. The bright oranges, reds, and yellows are one of nature’s best works and bringing a touch of the fleeting burnt orange colorscape inside is one of the easiest ways to extend the warm autumnal vibe. Consider adding an accent pillow or rug if you’re not ready to go big—but if you are, an orange accent wall instantly warms up any space.

A DIY reading nook

Image via Unsplash

Creating your own cozy little reading nook will offer a welcomed reprise from the outside chill—and all you really need to do is position a chair near the window, stack your to-read list on an accent table nearby and perhaps carve out space for your coffee mug and French press if you really want a space to call your own on chilly mornings.

Fluffy, hotel-inspired bedding

Let’s be honest for a minute here: we’re all guilty of spending a little extra time toasty in bed on those cold winter mornings. You may as well make it as luxurious of an experience as possible with hotel-inspired bedding. The fluffy, clean colorway will instantly transport you to a Pinterest-worthy hotel room—without even having to pack your bags or hop on a flight.

Pillar candles (and other cozy-cool lighting)

Image: West Elm

Candles, colorful diffusers, and other cozy lighting fixtures easily turn a cold space into a warm atmosphere—but pillar candles offer a slightly more elevated solution. Group together 2-3 pillars on your dining room table or living room end tables for a sophisticated take on hygge lighing.

Lots of mirrors

Whether you mind the chill or not, dealing with the lack of natural light that comes with the colder months can be difficult—but adding mirrors to your space is an easy way to refract light into dark corners of your space. Consider a gallery wall of sunburst mirrors across from a window or a large mirror above your bed to let light into your bedroom.

Flowers and greenery

One of the easiest ways to make your space feel more cozy and lived in is by adding some life! Consider adding a bouquet of flowers to your weekly grocery run or, if you have a green thumb, add a variety of plants to your bookshelf or TV stand (just make sure the area gets enough light).

A great seasonal centerpiece

Image: Williams Sonoma

Now that the sun’s setting before dinnertime, it can be tempting to cozy up on the couch with leftovers—but a seasonal centerpiece will make a compelling case for eating around the dinner table every night. Look for something contemporary that can last for more than one season—like a pretty curation of brass candleholders or a selection of crystals and rock sculptures if that’s more your vibe.